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Vegetarian Diet for Beginners

Plant-Based Diet for Beginners: Your Guide to Getting Started
Thinking of going plant-based? Learn about the foods you should fill up on and those you should eat less of.
5 Tips to Help You Start Eating Less Meat
Small changes can improve your health and help you embrace new foods.
The Vegetarian Kitchen: Must-Have Pantry Basics
Stocking your kitchen with these meatless staples will make impromptu meals easier.
Plant-Based Snacks That Pack a Lot of Protein
From crunchy chickpeas to roasted tofu, plant-based snacks don't have to be boring.
Plant-Based Meal Plan for Beginners
This plant-based meal plan for beginners makes it easy to eat meatless, with plenty of simple recipes that satisfy.

Vegetarian Cooking How-Tos

Health Benefits of Nutritional Yeast—and How to Use It
What is nutritional yeast? Does it have health benefits? And how do you use it? Look no further, we've got answers.
Top Vegetarian Protein Sources
If you're following a vegetarian diet, try these meatless and plant-based options to get your protein.
28 Low-Calorie Vegetarian Dinners That Are Packed with Protein

Add some filling protein to your day with these recipes that pack in at least 15 grams per serving.