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Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

What to Eat (and Avoid) When You're Pregnant
Here's the latest research on the foods and drinks you've been told to avoid. Plus, get the scoop on what's OK to eat when you are pregnant.
Foods That Help Fight Morning Sickness
Morning sickness affects more than half of expectant mothers. Knowing which foods and beverages to turn to (and which to avoid) can help you find easy relief.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant: First Trimester
Here's what to expect and how to eat healthy in the early weeks of your pregnancy.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant: Second Trimester
Find out which foods and nutrients are the most important during your second trimester.
What a Healthy Day of Pregnancy Eating Looks Like: Third Trimester
Find out which foods and nutrients are most important during your last few months of pregnancy.

More in Pregnancy Diet Center

How Much Weight Gain Is Normal during Pregnancy?
Weight gain during pregnancy is expected—and encouraged. After all, you're feeding your growing baby in addition to yourself. Find out more about what and how to eat when you're eating for two.
What to Eat When You're Breastfeeding
We explain the benefits of breastfeeding, what you should eat, and where to find support if you are having a hard time.