Healthy Eating for Kids

Raise healthy kids with delicious and nutritious meals, tips and advice from EatingWell food and nutrition experts.

Healthy at Home

30-Day Healthy Family Challenge
Join our challenge to get daily tips to help you and your family get healthier this month.
The Foods Kids Should Be Eating Every Day, According to a Dietitian
Confused about what to feed your kids? Here's everything you need to know about which foods kids should be eating every day (or as often as they'll accept them) for optimal growth and development, according to a dietitian.
Top 10 Healthy Snacks for Kids
These healthy recipes and ideas will inspire you and keep your snack-loving kids happy and well fueled.
How to Help Your Kids Eat Healthy Without Calling Foods Good and Bad
Parents, and really all people, can help kids learn more about foods without labeling them as "good", "bad" or just plain "weird".

Family Friendly Meal Ideas

A Month of Healthy Dinner Ideas for Kids
Make a healthy meal your whole family can enjoy with these kid-friendly dinner recipes. Your kids still get to eat all their favorite foods—mac & cheese, spaghetti, pizza and chicken fingers. And you can feel good about cooking up a healthier meal for your family.
How to Make the Most Delicious Popcorn at Home
It's quite possibly the perfect snack—filling, crunchy, salty, healthy—and it's a whole grain.